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Peter is very interested in Scuba Diving and has been fortunate enough to make a small contribution to diving and the law.  He became certified as a PADI DiveMaster in April, 1990.  Peter has 300 logged dives including a number of dives in the Caribbean and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

In 1989, Peter was retained as Legal Counsel for the families of two deceased divers. These gentlemen, both experienced commercial divers, became trapped and subsequently drowned while attending to underwater repairs to the St. Lawrence Seaway in Ontario.

The Coroner’s Inquest, conducted over a period of six weeks, resulted in approximately twenty-three (23) Jury Recommendations, many of which were Peter’s submissions to the jury.  In response to a subsequent invitation by the Minister of Labour, Peter prepared and submitted a Policy Paper in 1992 with respect to the proposed new Federal Diving Regulations.

The Inquest and subsequent Recommendations were a significant factor in the Federal Government of Canada’s decision to update and consolidate the Federal Diving Regulations. Many of the Jury’s Recommendations became part of the revised Federal Diving Regulations. The Regulatory Impact Analysis Statement provided as follows:

The impetus for this proposed new regulation is an accident that claimed the lives of two divers working at the St. Lawrence Seaway.  A subsequent Coroner’s Inquest recommended regulation of diving operations as a preventative measure to maximize the diver’s safety and specifically, to reduce the risk of fatal accidents.

These regulations became law in 1998.

Peter has assisted the Underwater Council of Canada with presentations concerning inquests at the Annual Underwater Canada Diving Symposium, one of the largest Dive Shows in North America.

 Peter has written a number of published articles on Diving and the Law.

1996    Diving & the Law - Dive Plans Dive Ontario Magazine, Spring, 1996.

1996    Diving & the Law - Volenti   Dive Ontario Magazine, Fall, 1996. (Also reprinted by permission in ACUC International Contact Magazine, Winter, 1996.)

1995    Diving and the Law Without Prejudice Magazine. September, 1995. Volume 60, No.1.

1995    Diving Law - General Principles  Dive Ontario Magazine, Fall, 1995.

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